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So you want to learn piano, but you're not sure where to start. These streamlined beginner lessons are organized so that you get all the information you need without missing a beat!
  1. Keyboard Layout
  2. Notes of the Piano
  3. How to Read Piano Music
  1. How to Touch the Piano Keys
  2. Beginner Piano Chords
  3. Musical Symbols & Commands of Piano Music

Keyboard Layout

Piano keyboard layout.

To learn piano, the first thing you need to do is make sense of the keys. There are a lot of them, but the keyboard’s simple layout makes it easy to navigate. Get a feel for the piano keyboard with these lessons:

Notes of the Piano

Piano notes.

Whether you have an 88-key piano, or a keyboard with just sixty-one, there are only seven notes you need to memorize. Learn how to name every note on the piano, and get helpful tips on how to identify them quickly:

How to Read Piano Music

Piano music.

In order to read piano music, you need to develop a visual relationship between the keys and the staff notes. This takes practice (for everybody); learn how to memorize the notes of the piano staves, then exercise your eyes with some easy beginner scales:

How to Touch the Piano Keys

How to touch the piano keys.

A common predicament for new pianists is wondering which fingers play which keys. Not knowing what to do with your hands can cause you to choose convenience over efficiency, and that can ultimately harm your agility. Practice with “fingered” piano scales to develop a natural sense of finger placement on both white and black piano keys:

Beginner Piano Chords

Beginner piano chords.

Practicing chords on piano is a great way to exercise your hands as well as your musical ear. Chords introduce you to harmony and dissonance, and let you discover all of the various moods music is capable of conveying. Learn how to read, build, and play the essential piano chord types:

Musical Symbols & Commands of Piano Music

Musical symbols in piano music.

You’re bound to run into a few unfamiliar musical terms and symbols in your piano music. The following resources will help you understand the most common words, phrases, and symbols found in sheet music:

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