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Illustrated Bass Piano Chords

Many new pianists want to ignore the low octaves for as long as possible. Instead, push through to the next playing-level by mastering them! Exercise your bass staff sight-reading & build strength in your left hand by practicing with the new chord diagrams. Image: Darren Hopes/Getty

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What If Your Piano Tuner Isn't Certified?

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Grand piano strings close up.Not all piano tuners and techs are registered, nor do they need be; certification is not a professional requirement in the piano tuning and repair trade.

However, there are organizations set up to maintain a standard of quality within the trade, and offer certification to piano technicians who can meet those standards.

So what if your tuner isn't registered or certified? Will you be risking more money in the long run? The answer may surprise you:

Image: Tim Hawley/Getty

Quick Keynote Reference for Composers

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Chromatic scales by keynote.Most notes of the staff name both major and minor key signatures, but some are only seen as one or the other. (A few keynotes don't name any working key signature, and their scales are considered rare or theoretical.)

Consult the following table to research how a note relates to a specific key, and strengthen your understanding of the diatonic scale:

Image Brandy Kraemer

Avoid A Rip-Off on the Piano Sales Floor

Monday April 21, 2014

Sales tactics are used in every trade, but the piano's cost and complexity allows some people to take advantage of those not "in-the-know." Don't fall victim:

Time to Clean Your Piano Keys?

Monday April 21, 2014

Kitten on a piano keyboard.Piano keys are destined to become soiled over time. Sweaty hands and skin oils bind dust and dirt to keys, and frequently used notes are especially vulnerable; their porousness allows grime and germs to build up and feed off each other.

During cold and flu season, disinfecting your piano keys is a must, especially if you share an instrument. Use the following tips to safely cleanse your keyboard:

Image: David De Lossy/Getty Images

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