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Piano Lessons

Learn piano with easy-to-understand lessons and illustrated walk-throughs.
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How to Start Learning Piano
These beginner piano lessons are organized so that you don't miss a single beat. Use this streamlined guide to learn everything you need to know as a beginner pianist.

Easy Piano Chord Charts
Learn various piano chord types with illustrated keyboard fingering, staff notation, chord inversions, and interval breakdowns.

Notes of the Piano Keys
There are really only 7 piano notes to remember; and once you know the names of the white keys, you can easily identify the black keys. Learn the notes of the piano with helpful illustrations and tips.

The Piano Keyboard Layout
The piano keys create a pattern that can help you find notes easily; learn how.

Finding Middle C on the Piano
Learn how to locate the piano's middle C, and why it's such an important note.

Find Middle C on All Keyboard Sizes
Wondering how to find middle C on your smaller keyboard? Use this illustrated guide to help you find C4 on each of the four standard keyboard sizes.

Layout of the Black Piano Keys
Black piano keys are the sharps and flats of the keyboard. Still, there are fewer black keys than white keys; learn why.

How to Read Piano Music
Learn how to read and play notes naturally with this color-guided intro to piano scales; perfect for absolute beginners and those uncomfortable reading piano notation.

The Piano Grand Staff & Its Clefs
Learn about the staves and clefs used in piano music.

Memorize the Notes of the Grand Staff
Learn the notes of the piano's treble and bass staves using visual guides and mnemonic devices.

Music Note-Lengths in U.S. & U.K. English
Learn to read the different music note symbols, including eighth notes, whole notes, quarter notes, and more!

Musical Rest Lengths
Rests convey pauses in music, and are written in lengths just like music notes; see them on the staff.

Accidentals & Double-Accidentals
View the musical accidentals, and learn the purpose of double-sharps and flats.

Essential Piano Fingering
Learn to read piano fingering in notation, and find out how it can improve agility, playing speed, and sight-reading.

Left Hand Piano Fingering
Learn the techniques for playing piano chords and scales with the left hand.

Piano Scale & Chord Fingering
Get extra tips on piano fingering with illustrated scales and chords on the treble staff.

How to Sit at the Piano
To achieve proper piano posture, you may have to tweak your bench to suit your height and shape; learn how to optimize your playing by sitting correctly at the keys.

Proper Hand Positions for Playing Piano
Play more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury: Learn the correct hand, wrist, and arm positions for playing piano.

How to Play Dotted Notes
Dotted notes are notes whose lengths have been slightly modified; learn how to easily count dotted, double-dotted, and triple-dotted notes.

How to Play Piano Triplets
Triplets occur in all genres of piano music, and are identified by a small '3' above or below a group of notes. Learn about the various styles of triplets, with helpful audio examples.

The Difference Between Major and Minor
Major and minor scales are built similarly, but their "moods" depend on a mere two intervals; learn more.

Understanding Time Signatures
Time signatures are the fractions you see at the very beginning of a musical staff; learn how to read them and play in time.

Understanding Key Signatures
Learn how to read the key signatures with clear illustrations and tips for memorization.

Note Accents & Articulation Marks
Learn about "articulation" and see the most common note accents in action.

Musical Symbols Affecting Volume & Dynamics
See the most commonly-used dynamics symbols and abbreviations, and learn the best methods for interpreting volume commands.

Beginner Piano Bass Chords
Practice left-handed playing with easy piano bass chords - with inversions, staff notation, illustrated keyboard fingering, and audio examples!

Chord Types & Symbols
Learn how to build different chords using simple interval formulas, and see the symbols and abbreviations used to convey each chord type in sheet music.

Understanding Diminished Chords & "Dissonance"
Learn why diminished chords have such an ambiguous, bizarre sound, and how they can add intriguing elements to your playing.

Triplets, Tuplets & Irrational Rhythm
You've likely encountered triplets, but there are several other types of musical tuplets; learn how to identify and count them, with illustrations and helpful audio examples.

Sustain Pedal Marks
The most heavily-used piano foot pedal is the sustain, or "damper" pedal; learn the symbols used to control it in sheet music.

Finding a Piano Teacher
Learn what to ask before you hire; where to look; what to expect in a lesson, and how much piano lessons cost.

How to Read Simple Musical Repeats
The easiest musical repeat signs are written right into the barlines; learn how to play them.

How to Read Segno and Coda Marks
Segno and coda signs belong to a complex system of musical repeats. Learn how to master commands including D.S. al coda and D.C. al fine.

Memorize the Pattern of Accidentals
Helpful mnemonic devices you can use to remember the order of the sharps or flats in a key signature.

Musical Symbols of Piano Notation
Learn about the musical symbols, commands, and terminology found in piano sheet music.

Free, Printable Piano Book
Piano practice lessons available in several file formats and sizes. Each lesson targets a specific technique, and ends with a practice song to perfect your new skills and exercise your sight-reading abilities. Start from the beginning, or pick up where you feel comfortable!

Avoid Piano-Related Aches & Pains
Using the right wrist positions at the piano gives you better control of the keyboard, and reduces the risk of painful wrist injury. Learn the aches you can expect as a beginner pianist, and which are cause for concern.

Learn French & German Musical Terms
As a pianist, you're bound to run into French or German sheet music. Learn the most common French and German musical commands, and find out their traditional Italian equivalents.

Italian Musical Dictionary
Complete Italian Musical Dictionary: A-Z

Beginner Musical Dictionary
Complete musical glossary for beginners: A-Z

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