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Notes of the Grand Staff


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Bass Staff Notes
Piano bass staff notes.

Middle C is seen on the first ledger line above the bass staff.

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Bass Staff Notes | Treble Staff Notes

The piano’s bass staff concentrates on notes lower than middle C, but it’s common to see some notes above it.

The bass clef – also called an F-clef – marks the bass staff. Its notes are as follows:

  • Line Notes: Starting on the lowest of the five lines, G,B,D,F,A.
    Memorize the phrase, “Good Boys Do Fine Always,” to help you remember.

  • Space Notes: Starting in the first space, A,C,E,G.
    Memorize the phrase, “All Cows Eat Grass,” to help you remember.

Notes on the bass staff appear to be dropped down from their positions on the treble staff. For example, an E is in the uppermost space of the treble staff, but is one space lower in the bass staff.

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