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Suspended 2nd Bass Piano Chords


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A Suspended Second Bass Chords
Asus2 bass triads.

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A Suspended 2nd Bass Triads | Switch to Treble View
◊ Root Note: A

◊ Major Second: B

◊ Perfect Fifth: E

A suspended 2nd chord differs from a major or minor chord in that its third has been replaced by a major second. If the third and second are both present, the chord is an add2:
  • AADD2: A – B – C♯ – E

  • AmADD2: A – B – C – E

A sus2 chord also doubles as an inversion of a sus4. For example, the second inversion of the Asus2 triad (E – A – B) is the root position of Esus4.

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