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Musical Symbols of Piano Notation
Learn How to Read Sheet Music
By Brandy Kraemer, About.com Guide

Piano Music Commands & Symbols

Learn about the musical symbols, abbreviations, and terminology of piano notation.

Staves, double bar lines & final bars Treble staff, bass staff & clefs
Staff & Barlines The Grand Staff & Piano Clefs
Eighth note, quarter note & half note / quaver, crochet & minim Eighth rest, quarter rest & whole rest
Music Note Lengths Music Rests
Sharps, flats, double-sharps & naturals Key signatures on the treble staff
Accidentals Key Signatures
Time signatures in piano music Tempo terms & metronome marks
Time Signatures & Meter Tempo Signs & Commands
Staccato, note accents & arpeggio Musical dynamics & volume
Note Accents & Articulation Volume & Dynamics
Dotted notes & double-rhythm dots Chord symbols & diagrams
Rhythm Dots Piano Chords
Begin repeat & end repeat barlines Segno & coda signs
Repeat Barlines Segno & Coda Repeats
8va, 8vb, 15ma & octave commands Piano sustain pedal marks
8va, 15ma & Octave Signs Piano Pedal Marks

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■ Volume & Dynamics Terms ■ French Musical Terms
■ Tempo Commands ■ German Musical Terms

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