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Key Signature Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Key Signatures, Musical Scales, and Accidentals

You need a good understanding of how key signatures are built, so you can read, play, and create music more instinctually. Use the following resources to refresh your knowledge of keys and scales:

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• The 6 Enharmonic Key Signatures
• Comparing Major & Minor Scales
• Learn About the "Theoretical" Keys
• Accidentals & Double-Accidentals
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• Rhythm & Tempo Command Quiz
• Dynamics & Volume Command Quiz
• Identify the Notes of the Piano
• Test Yourself on the Bass Staff Notes  

  Beginner Piano Lessons
• Layout of the Piano Keys
• How to Sit at the Piano
• Musical Symbols of Piano Notation
• Printable Piano Lesson Book
  Piano Chords
• Chord Types & Their Abbreviations
• Piano Chords With Illustrated Fingering
• About Diminished Chords & Dissonance
• How to Build Seventh Chords

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