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Yamaha P95 - 88-Key Digital Piano

User Rating 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 4 out of 5
Yamaha P95October 30, 2012 By shk00design
Had a 76 Roland keyboard before with very few buttons and soft-touch keys. This time wanted to get a keyboard with weighed keys like a regular piano so that when playing Classical music you can get more subtle effects. The black / silver color isn't an issue. For the price you are paying this is a bargain compare to a similar Roland F4 keyboard. It is a minimalist approach. Besides 2 piano effects you got several other instruments like Organ, Jazz Organ, String, Vibe and not much else. No drum beats to play around with. Like someone who is into learning photography ended up with an all mechanical film camera. A similar product would be Yamaha DXG series such as DXG640. Like the lower-end keyboards has more sound effects including Dual (mixing 2 instruments when playing), recording several tracks on top of each other on the keyboard, drum beats, etc. Otherwise this is a compact keyboard with small narrow speakers on top instead of 2 large square speakers on both sides. Like an acoustic piano this keyboard doesn't attract a child like a 61-key model with limited sound effects (few buttons to play around with). A serious instrument with an acceptable sound. Roland models have a Brilliance switch for sound fine-tuning. The other thing missing is the Transpose key which allows you to play a song in a higher or lower pitch without having to change fingering. Piano simulation isn't the best. Piano1 mode sounded a bit percussive with too much accent and not enough resonance. Piano2 (soft piano) has a bit too much resonance and doesn't sound like a piano either. The 1 deciding factor is the weighed keys. The feel is similar enough to an acoustic piano that you can switch back and forth without problems.
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