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Treble Note Quiz - Musical Tests and Quizzes
Test your ability to read notes on the treble staff with this beginner quiz. Get help memorizing the treble staff notes, and learn how to read accidentals. Identify the notes on the staff in this illustrated musical quiz!
Piano Notes Quiz - Musical Tests and Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the piano keyboard with this colorful quiz. Identify notes of the white and black piano keys, and see how well you're learning piano so far! Choose from 4-12 questions in this beginner piano quiz, then test your skills with more musical tests and quizzes!
Essential Musical Symbols
View the musical symbols of piano sheet music, including music notes and accents; foot pedal marks; accidentals; dynamics commands; bar lines; time signatures, and tempo commands. Some musical commands are abbreviated in sheet music (like 'sfz' and 'fff') -- learn the essential musical symbols and terms written in piano music, with clear illustrations and simple explanations.
Musical Symbols of Piano Notation
Take a visual tour of written piano music. Learn different musical symbols; note accents and articulation marks; how to write dynamics and volume changes, and understand how key signatures work in piano music.
Essential Symbols & Commands of Sheet Music
Illustrated guide to the musical symbols and commands found in piano notation, such as note & rest lengths, chord formation, key signatures, double-accidentals, repeat signs & plenty more.
Should You Play Piano or Electric Keyboard?
When it comes to learning and playing piano, there are some clear differences between acoustic and electric instruments that you’ll want to consider. For practical reasons, you should also figure out which will be easier for you to own and maintain. Learn the differences in learning on an acoustic piano versus learning on an electric keyboard, and choose which is best for you and your playing style.
Is Your Piano Worth Anything?
Many factors decide the value of your piano; one of the biggest factors being its overall condition. To find your piano's value on your own, you need to do some legwork. This guide will teach you how to determine the value of your piano, and spot some common signs of damage.
Music Note-Length Quiz - Musical Tests and...
Test yourself on music note lengths and values. Identify whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes & more! Choose from 5 - 15 questions, or take quiz in U.K. English.
Key Signature Quiz - Musical Tests and Quizzes
You need a good understanding of how key signatures are built, so you can read, play, and create music more instinctually. Test your knowledge of key signatures, musical scales, and accidentals with this key signature quiz. Choose from 5-20 questions, and correctly identify each key signature in this illustrated musical quiz!
New to Piano? Start By Learning the C Major Scale
Free, printable piano lessons for the beginner and beyond: Learn how to sight-read piano music and practice the various techniques used to successfully master piano-playing. View files directly on your screen, or download them in printable JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats.
Your Quick Intro to the Piano's Three Foot Pedals
Only two piano pedals are universally standard; the third pedal has become misunderstood and forgotten. Learn about the three piano pedals; their histories, and how they're marked in piano music.
Learn the Notes of the Piano Keyboard
There are only 7 full piano notes to remember. Notes of the black keys are easy to find once you learn the notes of the white piano keys. Learn how to find the notes of the piano with helpful illustrations and tips.
How to Find Middle C on Keyboards of Various...
Are you wondering where the middle C is on your smaller keyboard? These illustrations will help you find it on each of the four standard keyboard sizes.
Memorize the Grand Staff Notes
Memorize piano treble staff notes with visual help and mnemonic devices.
Bass Staff Note Quiz - Musical Tests and Quizzes
Test your ability to read notes on the bass staff with this beginner quiz. Get help memorizing the bass staff notes, and learn how to read accidentals and chords. Practice identifying notes of the grand staff with this two-part illustrated quiz!
5 Beautiful Piano Songs for the Brokenhearted
These sad, beautiful piano songs will sympathize with the brokenhearted. Pain has inspired great music, and listening to it reminds us that even legends are not immune to heartache.
Pitch Notation & Octave Naming
Pitch notation is a system that allows us to identify note frequencies quickly by using numbers or letters. However, because there are a few standard pitch notation systems, some confusion may arise. Learn the differences between SPN (Scientific Pitch Notation); the German
8 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Piano
If you're buying a used piano, you must know what to ask the seller before you purchase it. Learn 8 questions to ask before buying a used piano, so you can bring home the best instrument for you or your child. Before you visit a used piano, you can learn about its background. Ask the seller about the brand, model, year of manufacture, and if possible, the piano’s serial number; learn how to find the age and value of a used piano.
Musical Definitions: What Does Sforzando Mean?
The Italian musical term sforzando looks quite strange to most people, but its definition is simple. Learn the meaning and pronunciation of sforzando (abbreviated as
What's the Difference Between a Grand and Baby...
The most obvious difference between ‘regular’ grands and baby grands is size. Actually, these are just two of the many standard grand piano sizes, and the exact measurements can vary by manufacturer or location. Voices of the best baby grands are almost indistinguishable from those of proper grands; but this becomes less so as the size of the piano decreases.
Musical Definitions: What Does Ritardando Mean?
The musical term Ritardando. Piano.
Time Signature Quiz - Musical Tests and Quizzes
Test yourself on time signatures, measures, note-lengths, and how they all work together. This intermediate quiz challenges you on the mathematical side of music, and tests your rhythmic sight-reading abilities. Choose from 5 to 25 questions.
How to Find Middle C on Your Piano or Keyboard
Middle C, also called C4, can be tricky to find if you're a beginner. Use this guide to easily locate it on the piano, and smaller keyboard sizes.
Do You Know the Differences Between Keyboards...
Looking to buy a digital piano or portable keyword? Find out the notable differences between these two devices and which variety will better suit your piano-playing needs.
Learn How to Safely Whiten Those Yellowing...
Many people still don't know that they can whiten piano keys themselves. The most effective (and ivory-safe) methods for whitening piano keys involve everyday household items; learn how to whiten piano keys, and brighten up your instrument.
Piano Lesson Book - Printable Piano Lesson Book
Free, printable piano practice lessons available in several file formats and sizes. Each lesson targets a specific technique, and ends with a practice song to perfect your new skills and exercise your sight-reading abilities. Start from the beginning, or pick up where you feel comfortable!
smorzando (smorz.)
Learn the definition of the Italian musical term smorzando (smorz) and its relation to the piano musical world.
Upright or Grand: What Type of Piano Is Right...
Grand pianos have their cons, just as upright pianos have their pros. It’s common to assume (thanks to price) that it’s the other way around. Compare upright and grand pianos; learn the sizes, timbres, and costs of vertical and horizontal pianos, and find out which best suits your playing needs.
Piano Fingering & Placement Guide
Not sure which fingers hit which notes on the piano? Learn the essentials of piano fingering for the right and left hands.
The musical command 8va - an abbreviation of the Italian 'ottava' (octave) - is an indication to play an octave higher than written. Learn more.
How Do You Clean Piano Keys, Anyway?
To clean or disinfect your piano keys, you must follow some rules to avoid causing serious damage -- learn how to clean piano keys, and keep your keyboard healthy and bright.
Navigating the Piano Keyboard
The piano keyboard is arranged in a pattern that will help you find notes easily. Learn how to navigate the piano keys with helpful illustrations and tips. Both the C and F notes begin groups of accidentals, so you need to memorize which is which. There are few easy tricks to help...
(x) double-sharp
A double-sharp is a musical symbol that makes a note's pitch higher by two half steps -- but what is the point of a double-sharp? Learn how double-accidentals are used in music; why they're necessary, and the symbols used to mark double-sharps on the staff.
double barline
The definition of a double barline, including how the barline is used in musical composition and its variations.
(rall.) rallentando
The Italian musical term rallentando literally means
Proper Fingering for Piano Scales & Chords
Illustrated Walk-Through: Learn which fingers touch which keys. Play fingered piano exercises to help you improve speed and efficiency for both ascending and descending scales, and learn the best ways to handle chords that have accidentals.
Piano Scale & Chord Fingering for the Left...
To play piano, the left hand has to match the right hand in strength and dexterity. Knowing the correct piano fingering for the left hand improves playing speed, and eases the formation of piano chords. Learn about left hand piano fingering, and enhance your playing.
(♭♭) double-flat
A double-flat is a musical symbol that makes a note's pitch lower by two half steps -- but what is the point of a double-flat? Learn how double-accidentals are used in music; why they're necessary, and the symbols used to mark double-flats on the staff.
Learn to Play Major and Minor Piano Scales
Major and minor scales are built similarly, but have a few distinct characteristics. Learn how major and minor scales are formed, and play common major and minor piano scales.
Learn the Easiest Chords for Piano
Learn easy major piano triad chords, with illustrated piano fingering and treble staff notation.
A measure is the space in which musical notes are written. Learn the meaning of a musical measure, and see how they're used in piano music. Measures are sections of a staff, separated by barlines; get the definition for measure, and browse musical terms A - Z.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Reading and Playing...
Learn how to read and play piano music. This lesson teaches you how to play the C major and G major piano scales; introduces you to simple piano chords and melodies, and guides you with helpful illustrations. Learn how to read piano music once and for all.
(dim.) diminuendo
The musical term. Piano.
Musical Definitions: What Does "Cut Time" Mean?
Cut time modifies the time signature in a song, and can be written in sheet music in a couple ways. Learn the meaning, synonyms, and symbols of cut time (or
(ad lib.) ad libitum
The musical phrase. Piano.
How to Clean a Piano
You must clean a piano properly to avoid costly (and annoying) damage. Learn how to clean your piano, and avoid some common piano cleaning mistakes.
How To Play An Effective Ritenuto
Here's a definition of the the Italian musical term Ritenuto.
Turns - Piano Ornaments
Turns and inverted turns explained on the piano staff.
: The French musical command cédez (meaning “yield; slow”) is an indication to gradually decrease the
A triplet – a type of “tuplet” – is a group of three notes played inside another note-length.
D.C. al fine
The Italian musical phrase D.C. al fine (or
5 Piano Songs for Creating a Romantic Mood
These romantic piano songs are for creating the perfect ambiance for love. Whether you prefer soft and romantic, or mysterious and sultry, add these to your play list and watch your lover melt.
Polishing Your Piano Type the Right Way
Pianos usually come in one of two wood finishes: Lacquer or polymer. Different pianos must be polished differently to avoid damage and undesirable results. Learn how to properly polish a piano, handle common problems with lacquer or polyester piano finishes.
"Adeste Fideles / O Come All Ye Faithful"...
English and Latin lyrics to the Christmas carol 'Adeste Fideles', or 'O Come All Ye Faithful', along with a link to guitar chords for the carol.
The 6 Worst Places to Put Your Piano
Learn 6 of the worst places to put a piano. To keep your instrument healthy, you must avoid placing your piano in detrimental room conditions. Room size and furnishings also affect the sound of your piano; read more to learn about the best and worst places to put a piano.
: The musical symbol 8vb (an abbreviation of ottava bassa , or “low octave ”) is an indication to play
Italian Music Command: Subito
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition of
10 Revolutionary Jazz Pianists Everyone Should...
Jazz music wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for these 10 piano masters. Learn what they did to change jazz forever.
Rinforzando vs. Sforzando
Here is a definition for the Italian musical term Rinforzando.
Learn the meaning, BPM, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian tempo command 'allegretto.'
D.C. al coda
The Italian musical phrase D.C. al coda is part of a system of complex musical repeats. Da capo al coda literally means from the head to the coda.
Learn About the Key Signatures
The key of C major / A minor has no accidentals: Illustrated map of the sharp key signatures with relative minors. View key signatures on the treble and bass staves; memorize the order of the accidentals, and learn the chords of each musical key.
Anacrusis means roughly the same thing in both music and poetry. Learn the meaning of the musical term
Beginner Piano Book: Lesson Two
Free, printable piano lessons for the beginner and beyond: Learn how to sight-read piano music and practice the various techniques used to successfully master piano-playing. View files directly on your screen, or download them in printable JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats.
6 Things to Consider When Shopping for an...
Buying a musical keyboard is not easy these days; digital pianos come with seemingly endless options, sizes, and controls. Get a breakdown of your options, and get tips on what to look for when buying an electric keyboard.
An octave is a large musical interval that separates two of the same notes. There are 12 semitones in the chromatic scale, while the diatonic scale has 7 unique notes (but spans 8). Learn more about octaves, note-frequencies, and learn multilingual synonyms and abbreviations for the musical term octave.
Explaining the Black Piano Key Pattern
Black piano keys are sharps or flats, and the black piano keys' notes can be identified by its surrounding white keys. Learn more about sharps and flats of the piano with helpful illustrations, and clear explanations of the black piano keys.
a piacere - Italian Musical Terms
A definition for the Italian musical term A Piacere.
The Italian musical term. Piano.
Easy Piano Chords for Beginners
Various chords & inversions with illustrated keyboards, piano fingering, and staff notation.
All You Wanted to Know about Enharmonic Key...
Technically, any scale or key can go by two names; but the enharmonic key signatures are used in everyday music theory. These completely identical scales (enharmonic equivalents) are seen in both the sharp and flat key signatures. Learn which keys are enharmonic equivalents, and why they're even necessary in music theory. Let's look at their scales' notes: You'll notice each keynote points to the same note on the piano keyboard. These notes are enharmonically equivalent.
The Best Conditions For Piano Acoustics and...
Learn the Best Piano Conditions for Acoustics and Health: What is the best room for a piano? Certain environments are detrimental to piano health, and the best room conditions for an acoustic piano are not always ideal for an electric piano. Room furnishings should also enhance the piano's voice; learn easy ways to adjust piano room acoustics and climate, and create the best room for your piano.
What Do Musicians Mean When They Talk About...
Musical texture is a way to describe the complexity of a musical composition. Texture can be described in a few common ways; learn about musical texture, and see how it applies to piano music.
What Is an Accidental in Music?
What is an accidental in music? Accidentals modify musical notes, and they come in three forms. See illustrated examples of accidentals in sheet music, and learn how they affect piano music.
Increase Your Knowledge of Diminished Chords
Diminished chords are characterized by their ambiguous and bizarre sound, and understanding the diminished chords will help you add new, exciting elements to your piano music. Learn about diminished chord intervals, abbreviations, and moods; and read about the unstable, or
D.S. al coda
D.S. al coda is part of a complex system of musical repeats. The Italian musical phrase
broken chord
Not all chords are played the same. Learn the meaning of a broken chord, and find out how they're played on the piano.
Digital Piano Review | 88-Key Yamaha P95
Hands-on review of Yamaha's P95 digital piano. 88 keys | Price: $600-$900 | Rating: 4 stars
Illustrated Seventh Chords for Piano
Learn how to form major 7th, dominant 7th, and minor/major chords, with illustrated piano fingering and notation.
Musical articulation is one of the first things you will learn about as a new musician. See how articulation is marked in sheet music, and learn how it affects piano music.
(M.D.) mano destra
Mano destra, seen in piano music as M.D., literally means
Learn the meaning, BPM, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian tempo command 'allegro.'
Why is 4/4 time written with a c-shaped symbol?
Learn the history behind the c-shaped semicircle used to represent the 4/4 time signature.
Italian Music Commands: Meaning of Espressivo
Here's a definition of the Italian musical term Espressivo, which can also mean physical performance.
allegro moderato
Learn the meaning, BPM, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian tempo command 'allegro moderato.'
Meaning of the C-shaped Time Signature
Common time refers to the 4/4 time signature, which signifies four quarter-note beats per measure. It may be written as a fraction, or with a c-shaped semicircle. The c-shaped symbol representing 4/4 time is often mistaken as an abbreviation for ‘common time.’ But, however appropriate, its origins are a bit more divine in nature.
Notes of the Diminished 7th Chords
Learn the diminished 7th & half-diminished chords with illustrated piano fingering and staff notation.
Portable Keyboard Review | 61-Key Yamaha PSR-e423
Hands-on review of Yamaha's PSR-e423 portable keyboard. 61 keys | Price: $150-$250 | Rating: 3.5 stars
Learn the meaning, pronunciation & multilingual synonyms of the Italian musical command dolce.
piano (p)
The musical term. Piano.
The Italian musical term fine. Piano.
Piano Recital Dress Codes
Remember that when dressing for a piano recital, you’re dressing to perform. Some clothing and accessories can turn into annoying distractions on stage and prevent you from playing your best. Avoid surprises by practicing in your piano recital clothes at least one time before your performance date, and always choose clothes in which you’ll be physically and mentally comfortable!
a tempo di menuetto
: The Italian musical phrase a tempo di menuetto * is an indication to play with the style and “ tempo
Learn the meaning, BPM, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian tempo command 'adagio.'
Learn the meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian musical term 'accelerando.'
Learn the meaning, BPM, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the Italian tempo command 'andante.'
D.S. al fine
D.S. al fine is part of a complex system of musical repeats. The Italian musical phrase
The Importance of The Third Interval
A third is an interval equal to three scale degrees that is most often major or minor*: Major Third (M3) Equal to four half steps.
a tempo
The Italian musical phrase. Piano.
4 Rules for Piano Health
Learn about dust and mold prevention; ideal temperature and humidity levels for a piano, and learn about simple, everyday piano care.
(mf) mezzo forte
The Italian musical phrase mezzo forte (abbreviated as
A tie is a very common musical symbol. Learn the meaning of a musical
Musical Definitions: What Is Timbre?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition: Timbre
A musical beat is an essential element of rhythm and tempo. Learn about beats; how they're organized by a time signature, and how they're indicated in piano music.
(♮) natural
: A natural is: A symbol (♮) placed before a note that cancels out a previous accidental ; used in two
Italian Music Commands: Meaning of "Calando"
Here's a definition of the Italian musical term Calando, as well as other ways to say it.
(♯) sharp
A sharp (♯, but also # in type) is a musical symbol that modifies the pitch of a note by the smallest Western interval: a half step. Learn more about sharps, flats, and other accidentals; and see how it's used in piano music.
The Italian musical command loco is used with a very popular musical symbol. Learn the meaning, pronunciation & multilingual synonyms of 'loco.'
How to Polish a Lacquer Piano
Piano polishings should always be kept to a bare minimum, and lacquer pianos have special polishing needs. Learn how to polish a lacquer piano, and tackle a few annoying issues unique to lacquer finishes.
Digital Piano Review | 76-Key Yamaha Piaggero...
Hands-on review of Yamaha's NP-30 digital piano/portable keyboard. 76 keys | Price: $200 - $275 | Rating: 2.5 stars
(M.S.) mano sinistra
The Italian musical phrase mano sinistra is mostly abbreviated to M.S. Learn the meaning and pronunciation of mano sinistra, and see how it's used in piano music.
How to Read Piano Sheet Music
Learn the essentials of reading keyboard music from the very beginning, or pick up where you need some extra help. How to read piano sheet music & notation for beginners.
The Italian musical command. Piano.
Beginner Bass Piano Chords
Learning to play bass chords on piano is a great way to enhance your piano music and strengthen your playing skills as a beginner. Playing the piano chords in the key of C lets you to learn major, minor, and diminished chords without having to play any black piano keys. Get tips on chord fingering, bass staff notation, and listen to audio samples of the chord inversions.
time signature
A time signature is a large fraction written at the beginning of a musical staff after its clef and key signature. It explains the meter of a song; the top number shows how many beats are in a measure, and the bottom number specifies the length of the main beat. Learn more about time signatures; which are most commonly seen, and the difference between simple, compound, and complex musical meter.
A fermata is a very common symbol in piano music, and one of the first you will learn. A fermata, or bird's eye, affects articulation. Learn the meaning of the Italian musical term.
10 Tips for Buying an Acoustic Piano
When shopping for an acoustic piano, you have a lot to consider. Learn 10 crucial tips to use when shopping for a new or used acoustic piano, and learn what you need to know before buying a piano.
Italian Tempo Command: Allargando
The Italian musical term allargando affects the tempo of the music. Learn its meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms.
How to Count and Play Various Musical Triplets
Counting Triplets in Piano Music A triplet is a group of three notes played inside the length of two
Essential Musical Symbols & Commands
Learn to read piano music with an illustrated walk-through. Get to know the piano's grand staff, music notes & note-accents, and various symbols and commands.
Explanation of the Bass Clef
The bass clef is an important musical symbol in piano music that governs an entire staff. Learn about the bass clef, and see how it's marked in sheet music. The bass clef is also called the F-clef, because it wraps around the highest F line on the bass staff.
Can You Really Learn Piano on an Electric...
One of the most common questions I get asked is whether a musician can successfully learn to play piano on an electric keyboard. Well, in short, yes. But there
rolled chord
A rolled chord is a type of broken chord, and has a popular Italian synonym. Learn the meaning of a rolled chord, and see how it's written in piano music.
: The Italian musical term più means “more,” and is used with other musical commands to increase their
The staff is what holds music notes, as well as most musical symbols. Learn more about the piano's grand staff; memorize notes of the treble and bass staves, and learn how notation is written on and off the piano staff.
The Italian musical command lento is an indication to play in a slow tempo; lit. “slow.”
Digital Piano Review | 88-Key Yamaha P85
Hands-on review of Yamaha P85 musical keyboard. 88 keys | Price: $300-$500 | Rating: 4 stars
Digital Piano Review | 88-Key Casio CDP100
Hands-on review of Casio's CDP-100 digital piano. 88 keys | Price: $300 - $500 | Rating: 3.5 stars
(cresc.) crescendo
The Italian musical term crescendo (abbreviated cresc.) is an indication to gradually increase the volume of a song until otherwise noted.
A duplet is a group of two notes that fits in the length of three of its note-type; an eighth-note duplet spans the length of three 8th notes of normal length. Learn how to count, play, and notate duplets, and perfect your irrational rhythm with helpful audio examples.
Easy Minor Chords for Piano
Learn the easiest minor piano chords, with illustrated keyboard fingering and treble staff notation.
: A musical accent can refer to: A symbol that changes the way a note sounds. For example, a staccato
Understanding Parallel Scales
Learn more about parallel keys here - including definition and examples.
How Often Pianos Should Be Tuned
Two tunings per year has become the acceptable standard, but depending on your climate there’s a chance that won’t be enough.
An upbeat is a passive yet important aspect of rhythm. The upbeat is not always heard, but it is always implied. Learn the meaning of upbeat, and see how it affects piano music.
Scientific Pitch Notation - Keyboard With...
'Scientific Pitch Notation,' or SPN, is one of several octave-naming systems, and is used primarily in the U.S. SPN provides a quick way to reference a specific pitch using a combination of note-letters and numbers; for example middle C is written C4. View a complete piano keyboard labeled with scientific pitch notation and key frequencies, and learn the different formats in which SPN may be written. The Acoustical Society of America was responsible for the creation of SPN in 1939.
repeat bar
: A repeat bar is a musical symbol resembling a final barline with two dots in the middle spaces of the
Musical Tempo Glossary - Rhythm & Tempo Glossary
Learn the tempo terminology of music. Browse by BPM, command type, or alphabet.
The Italian musical term. Piano.
middle C
Middle C is a very important note in piano music; the piano keyboard is based around middle C, and it's also the border between treble notes and bass notes. Learn all about middle C, and browse musical terms A - Z.
(ppp) pianississimo
: Pianississimo refers to dynamics, and is an indication to play as softly as possible; softer than pianissimo
Andantino is sometimes defined as slightly slower than andante, in which case its BPM is between 64-72. Pronunciation: ahn'-dahn-TEE-noh
Musical Terms: The Meanings of Tone
Here are several definitions for the word Tone as applied to music.
Musical Quizzes & Tests
Free, illustrated quizzes on notation & music theory, sheet music symbols & staff notes, rhythm and more! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels.
4 Steps to Sitting on a Piano Bench the Right Way
Correct piano posture involves sitting correctly on the piano bench, which you may have to tweak to suit your height and shape. Learn how to find the right piano seating; adjust non-adjustable piano benches; and how you can easily settle into a good posture at the piano keys! Adjustable piano benches are a great option for growing children, or anyone sharing a piano. Sit at the right height for your shape and size to achieve good arm and wrist positions.
(au mouvt.) au mouvement
: The French musical phrase retour au mouvement (or simply au mouvt. ) is an indication to return to
New Piano Pros & Cons
Before investing in a brand new piano, you must understand your options. Some new, low-cost pianos are surpassed in quality by electric pianos, so if you have a strict budget, you may want to consider buying a used piano. Weigh the pros and cons of buying a brand new piano, and learn how to get your money's worth in a piano.
alla marcia
The Italian musical phrase. Piano.
Root Notes & Building Chords
The root note is the fundamental note of a chord. It's important to note that the root does not always take the bass position -- meaning it won't always be the bottom note of the chord written on the staff (see
half step
A half step is the smallest interval in Western musical scales, and there are 12 half steps in one octave.

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