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There’s a lot to consider when planning for a piano recital, and even things you’ll need to know once you get on stage. If you have an upcoming performance, start preparing for it as soon as possible so you can put your best foot forward on recital day!
  1. Your Piano Recital Song
  2. Get to Know Musical Etiquette
  3. Body Prep & Warming Up
  4. Dealing With Stage Fright

Your Piano Recital Song

How to choose a piano recital song.

Your recital song will be a reflection of who you are as a musician, and a showcase of your technical abilities. Learn which qualities to embrace in a recital song; which to avoid, and how to make the most of your practice sessions:

Get to Know Musical Etiquette

Piano recital dress codes & etiquette

Whether you’ll be a performer or an audience member, you’re expected to know how to conduct yourself during a recital. Learn about the universal rules of concert etiquette, and how to avoid faux pas:

Body Prep & Warming Up

Warming up before a piano performance.

Just like your piano, you have to keep your body in tune. Everyday habits – including what you eat and drink – can impact your performance; make sure that impact is positive. Use the following tips to get yourself stage-ready:

Dealing With Stage Fright

Learn to control stage nerves.

Preparing for a piano recital means nerves. Stage fright prevents many musicians from expressing themselves in front of a live audience, but there are ways to manage it. Learn how to keep your cool before and during your performance:

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