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Practicing for a Piano Recital

Learning & Practicing Your Recital Song


Practicing your piano recital song.
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Performing for a live audience can definitely be unnerving, and you have to put forth a lot of effort to make sure things go as smoothly as possible on stage. Use the following tips to help you practice and prepare for your piano recital:

Practicing for Your Piano Recital

  • Do practice on the recital piano before your performance. All pianos are different, and you want to get a feel for it in advance.

  • Do give yourself enough time right before a performance to practice your song at least once (but aim for twice).

  • Do spend extra quality time on the most difficult parts of the song, so you can be sure to nail them!

  • Do remember your feet; spend time perfecting your song’s pedaling techniques.

  • Do have someone turn your sheet music for you during practice if you plan to read from your music on stage.

  • Don’t let distractions harm your performance.
    Set an alarm to go off during your practice session; open a window to let in random noises, or practice with a recording of audience sounds so you can learn to tune out distractions.

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