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Piano Recitals & Performances

Piano recitals require preparation, and it's up to you to prepare yourself. Learn everything you need to know about performing in a piano recital, and give your very best performance.
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Piano Recital Checklist
All the information you need to know about performing in or attending a piano recital.

How to Deal With Stage Fright
Stage fright is a challenge for musicians of all skill-levels. Learn techniques you can use to calm your nerves before and during a performance.

Choosing a Piano Recital Song
Tips to help you sort out what's really important in a recital song.

Practicing for a Piano Recital
Dos & don'ts for practicing for a performance.

Warming Up for a Piano Recital
Learn some tricks on how to keep hands loose, agile, and ready to perform!

Piano Recital Dress Codes
How to choose venue-appropriate and performance-ready clothing for recital day.

Piano Recital Etiquette for Musicians
List of dos and don'ts to help you carry yourself in a professional and amicable manner.

Concert Etiquette for Audience Members
As an audience member, you should be aware of the following rules to ensure a great experience for yourself and others.

What to Eat & Drink Before Your Piano Recital
Learn the foods and drinks that can help or hinder your on-stage performance.

How to Sit at the Piano
Learn how to find the ideal piano seat, and settle into a good posture at the keys.

Hand, Wrist & Arm Positions for Piano
Play more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury: Learn the correct hand, wrist, and arm positions for playing piano.

Avoid Piano-Related Aches & Pains
Learn which aches to expect as a beginner pianist, and which to look out for.

I Play Well At Home, Why Is It Different On-Stage?
Understand the thought processes behind performance anxiety, the effects they can cause, and how to regain control.

Overcoming Musical Mistakes
For serious sufferers, stage fright can create a mental block and make concentration nearly impossible. Learn how to overcome mistakes when they happen so you don’t enter panic mode.

Minimize the Physical Effects of Stage Fright
Not all musicians enjoy the "rush" of performing – try the following techniques to calm your nerves before a performance.

Stage Fright - Musicians Discuss Stage Fright
Share your thoughts and experiences with stage fright, and read tips from other musicians.

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