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Piano Care & Maintenance

Learn about keeping your piano in good health.
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Piano Health 101
The piano's size and complexity can make piano care seem like an endless endeavor; learn all there is to know about piano care, damage detection and prevention, and how to keep your instrument in tune.

4 Rules for Piano Health
Some everyday habits are harmful to a piano; learn 4 simple rules that can increase the life span of your instrument.

Best Piano Environments for Acoustics & Health
Learn ideal temperatures and humidity-levels for pianos and electric keyboards, and how you can make your music room complement the sound of your instrument.

Find the Age and Value of a Piano
Many factors decide the value of a used piano. If you know where to look, you can get a pretty good estimate on your own - learn how.

How to Clean a Piano
Learn how to clean your piano, and avoid some common (and damaging) piano-cleaning mistakes.

How to Clean Your Piano Keys
Learn how to safely clean and disinfect your piano keys.

How To Whiten Your Piano Keys
The most effective (and ivory-safe) methods for whitening piano keys involve everyday household items; learn how to brighten up your instrument yourself!

How to Polish a Piano
Most pianos have either a lacquer or polymer finish, and these surfaces must be polished differently to avoid damage and undesirable results. Learn the proper polishing techniques, and how to tackle common issues associated with both finishes.

When to Tune a Piano
Staying in-tune is important to your music and to your piano's health. Learn how often your piano needs to be tuned, and how to make your tunings less costly.

How to Inspect a Piano for Damage
If you're buying a used piano - or you're looking to gauge the health of your own - you'll want to look out for certain problems. Learn common and easy-to-spot signs of piano damage.

The Worst Places to Put Your Piano
Some seemingly favorable spots in your home may pose hidden dangers to your acoustic piano or electric keyboard; learn where not to put your instrument.

Piano Damage Caused By Irregular Tunings
Regular piano tunings help prevent serious damage, which saves you money in the long run; learn the specific issues that arise if a piano remains out-of-tune for too long.

What Is An RPT?
A Registered Piano Technician (or RPT) is a piano technician and/or tuner who's been certified by the Piano Technicians Guild. Learn how they qualify, and how you can join.

Is Your Piano Tuner Professionally Certified?
Many well-qualified piano tuners and techs have simply not sought certification; but keep in mind, the piano industry's unregulated nature allows unqualified individuals to slip through the cracks. Learn what to look for before you hire.

Find Qualified Piano Tuners
Worldwide list of professional piano tuning guilds and tech organizations.

How to Care For a Lacquer Piano
Learn how to safely polish your lacquer piano, and tackle a few annoying issues unique to lacquer finishes.

How to Care For a Polymer Piano
Polyester finishes are tough, but they have special polishing needs; learn more.

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