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Piano Parts

Learn about the parts of the piano.
  1. Piano Strings (4)

Piano Foot Pedals: An Illustrated Walk-Through

Piano Dampers

Piano Bridge

Piano Action

Bent Side




Piano Hammer


Organ Rank

Hand Stop


Standard Musical Keyboard Sizes
Electric keyboards come in a few standard sizes; learn the note ranges of each, and how to find middle C with helpful illustrations.

The Bizarre History of the Piano Pedals
While the modern piano was receiving its final touches, the evolution of the piano pedal continued; learn about the three standard foot pedals, and how they became what they are today.

Transposing Keyboard
A transposing keyboard allows a performer to quickly change keys, and there are three main varieties. Learn how transposing keyboards work, and why they were once very necessary.

Reverse Keyboard
One meaning of "reverse keyboard" is seemingly absurd. The other meaning refers to something quite aesthetically intriguing, which few pianists know the name for; continue to find out!

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