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Illustrated Tour of Sheet Music: Part One


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Piano Chords
Chords seen in piano music.

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How to Play Piano Chords

Types of Chords

Chords come in various sizes, and can create various moods centered around harmony or dissonance. The smallest chords contain two notes; however, these are more accurately referred to as intervals, because a chord’s type (major, minor, and so on) is dependent on its having one more note …

Which brings us to the triad; a three-note chord made up of the following:

  • Root Note: Foundation for the entire chord; names the chord with a letter.

  • Third: A major (M3) or minor (m3) interval above the root.

  • Fifth: May be “perfect” (P5), diminished (♭5), or augmented (♯5).

Building Triad Chords

A triad’s type relies on both its third and its fifth; or, more specifically, the distance between these notes and the root note. Compare the four most common triad types using C as the root:

 ■ C Major
  Root: C
  M3: E
  P5: G

 ■ C Minor
  Root: C
  m3: E
  P5: G

 ■ C Diminished
  Root: C
  m3: E
  ♭5: G

 ■ C Augmented
  Root: C
  M3: E
  ♯5: G

Building Larger Chords

A triad can stand alone as a chord, or it may be expanded upon to form a larger chord. You can simply add another root note to the triad to make it a 4-note chord (C-E-G-C); or, intervals may be added to change the chord type:

●  Seventh Chords
   A triad chord with a seventh interval added above the root:

  ○ Cmaj7: C - E - G - B (M3, P5, M7)
  ○ Cdom7: C - E - G - B (M3, P5, m7)

  ○ Cmin7: C - E - G - B (m3, P5, m7)
  ○ Cm/M7: C - E - G - B (m3, P5, M7)

* Try It: Build yourself a Caug7 and a Cdim7 chord based on the above principles.

Seventh Piano Chord Diagrams:

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