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Musical Symbols of Piano Music: Part Two


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Piano Pedal Marks
Symbols indicating sustain pedal use and duration.

Different ways of expressing sustain pedal use and duration in piano music.

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Reading Piano Pedal Marks

There are three common pedal marks used to control the most popular piano foot pedal: The sustain (or “damper”) pedal. These commands are:

  1. Engage Pedal (Ped.)
    Indication to use (or “depress”) the sustain pedal.

  2. Release Pedal (*)
    Releases the sustain.

  3. Variable Pedal Marks (__/\_/\__)
    Explains the pattern in which you depress and release the sustain pedal:

    • Horizontal lines show when the sustain pedal is depressed.

    • Steep diagonal lines indicate a quick, temporary release of the sustain pedal.

    • Vertical lines indicate a release, or ends use of the pedal.

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