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Major and minor piano chords.

Major and minor chords are similar except for their thirds.

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Definition: A chord is a group of notes played simultaneously1 to create harmony; two or more notes2 that complement one another.3 Chords add texture to a melody, and provide rhythm to a song.

1 The notes in a broken chord are not played simultaneously.

2 Two-note “chords” are referred to as intervals.

3 Some chords - such as diminished and augmented chords - have a bizarre, unbalanced sound. These are “dissonant” chords; and although not as pleasing to the ear in the traditional sense, they are quite captivating when placed strategically in piano music (Learn more about dissonance).

More About Piano Chords:

Also Known As: Pronunciation: korrd

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Tempo Commands:
 ▪ largo
 ▪ rhythm dot
 ▪ (accel.) accelerando
 ▪ vivace
 ▪ tempo giusto

Musical Articulation:
 ▪ staccato
 ▪ tie
 ▪ (rfz) rinforzando
 ▪ arpeggiato
 ▪ accentato

Volume & Dynamics:
 ▪ (mf) mezzo forte
 ▪ (sfz) sforzando
 ▪ diminuendo
 ▪ al niente
 ▪ (fp) fortepiano

French Musical Glossary:
 ▪ en ralentissant
 ▪ indication de mouvement
 ▪ à l’aise
 ▪ mi-doux
 ▪ retenu

Essential Beginner Terms:
 ▪ (BPM) beats per minute
 ▪ whole step
 ▪ ledger line
 ▪ interval
 ▪ broken chord

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