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Definition: A seventh is an interval spanning seven degrees on the diatonic scale. Common sevenths include:
  • Major seventh (M7); a span of 11 semitones.
  • Minor seventh (m7); 10 semitones.
  • Diminished seventh (d7); 9 semitones.

Examples of Seventh Intervals in Practice

◊ In the C major diatonic scale, B is the seventh:
  C - D - E - F - G - A - B

◊ Likewise, the M7 in a C major seventh chord is also B:
  C - E - G - B

◊ A C dominant seventh chord has the same notes, but with a m7:
  C - E - G - B

See more on building seventh chords.

Also Known As:
  • settima [maggiore / minore]  (It)
  • septième [majeure / mineure]  (Fr)
  • Septime [grosse / kleine]  (Ger)

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