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The piano's grand staff.

A systemic barline connects the treble and bass staves in piano music.

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Definition: A grand staff is a system of two or more staves written for one instrument, to be played by one performer:
  • The piano’s grand staff is a two-part staff, consisting of the treble staff on top and the bass staff on the bottom. These staves are connected by a brace, and by barlines throughout the music.

  • Organ music uses a three-part grand staff. Its treble and bass staves share braces and barlines, while the lowest staff – a bass staff used for foot-pedal notation – is only connected to the other staves by the very first barline before its clef.

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Also Known As:
  • great stave (U.K.)
  • accollatura (It)
  • accolade (Fr)
  • Akkolade; Klaviersystem (Ger)

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