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D.S. al coda


Segno and coda repeats in music. Image © Brandy Kraemer

D.S. al coda, or dal segno al coda, literally means “from the sign to the coda mark.” D.S. al coda is an indication to start back at the segno, play until you encounter a coda, then skip to the next coda to continue.

Musical Trivia:

  • Since coda is feminine in the Italian language, the correct phrasing would be “D.S. alla coda.” Nowadays, this phrase is seldom seen; even some modern Italian sheet music uses “al coda.”

  • English-speakers often refer to the segno as a “segno sign,” which redundantly translates to “sign sign.”

See D.S. al fine and D.C. al coda.

Pronunciation: dal say'-nyoh al koh'-duh

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