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Korg SP250 - 88-Key Digital Piano

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The Bottom Line

If I were to recommend a digital piano to someone who’d prefer an acoustic piano, this would be the one. The piano voices are amazing and realistic, it comes with a stand and sustain pedal, and its speakers are quality.


  • 88 full-size, weighted hammer-action keys
  • Voices may be dual-layered or split
  • Keyboard stand & music stand both included
  • Quality integrated speakers with bass-reflex
  • Sustain pedal included


  • On the heavy side at 41.89 lbs.
  • Only voices selected with different buttons may be layered (see Voices*, below)
  • No recording capabilities


  • Keys: 88
  • Polyphony: 60-note
  • Touch Sensitivity: 3 velocity settings
  • Reverb/Chorus: 3 settings each
  • Metronome: Yes; 40-200 BPM
  • Available Colors: Black & faux wood w/ silver stand; black w/ black stand (SP250BK)

Review - Korg SP250

Price: $700

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Keys & “Action”:

The keyboard features hammer-action weighted keys, with a heavier touch in the bass octaves. The keys themselves are full-sized, and feel surprisingly realistic (think baby grand keys – a wee bit lighter than those of an older full grand, but still have a solid touch) … definitely not a disappointment in this area.

The controls are straightforward and right on the front panel; although, like most models, a peek in the instruction manual is necessary to execute advanced funtions such as layering and splitting.

Transposition from -6 to +5.

Voices & Touch-Sensitivity:

There are 30 pretty realistic-sounding voices. I found the pianos, harpsichord, strings, and organs to be particularly pleasant; only a couple of the electric pianos and choirs came off as a bit artificial.

* When layering (allowing two tones to play simultaneously on one key), you may not use voices that are controlled by the same button. For example, the harpsichord voice is selected using the same button as the clavichord, so these two tones may not be layered together.

Available tones are:

  • 5 Pianos; including a full-sounding grand, a bright upright, and a honky-tonk
  • 7 Electric pianos
  • 3 Pipe organs
  • 3 Jazz organs
  • 3 Strings
  • 3 Choirs
  • 2 Clavichords; including one funky clav with wah effect
  • Harpsichord
  • Vibraphone
  • Marimba
  • Acoustic guitar

Touch-sensitivity may be adjusted with 3 preset velocity curves.

Preset Songs:

The SP250 contains 30 demo songs (abridged versions of a some classics and a few Korg originals); one song per voice for sampling.

Keyboard Speakers & Quality:

The two 10 centimeter, 11 watters sound great, even at full volume; no rattling or fuzzing in the lowest or highest octaves. Speakers switch off automatically when the headset input jack is occupied – whether by headphones or an external amp – to avoid feedback or interference.

Included Accessories:

Package includes:

  • Sustain pedal with half-pedal effect

  • 12V AC adaptor

  • Matching, removable sheet music rest

  • Keyboard stand with three pedal unit rest

A bundle package is available for $699, and includes a piano bench, a matching keyboard stand, and stereo headphones.


○ Two 1/4" Headphone jacks; may be used to connect external speakers or amplifier
○ MIDI in/out
○ Pedal input, 1/4"

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
What more could you ask for??, Member Darin777

After reading the long winded review concerning this keyboard I felt absolutely compelled to give my opinion of the Korg SP-250. I have been a musician for most of my life, however, I only recently began to study piano. I researched these digital keyboards for a few months before making a purchase. The other reviewer seemed to be stuck on the word ""technology"". Let me say that this keyboard sounds absolutely amazing compared to many other models. In fact, the piano sound that the Korg is equipped with sounds identicle to a genuine grand piano. Not only that, it has a few variations of the grand piano sound which are all amazing. The vintage organ sounds are just as amazing. You see, it doesn`t matter if there is new technology if there`s nothing wrong with the current technology. You could stand outside a room with the Korg and a Grand Acoustic piano and I doubt very seriously if you could distinguish the difference in the two. So don`t be fooled into thinking the Korg is old or obsolete. As for all of the other bells and whistles...One of the main reasons for my choice of the Korg SP250 was the fact that it wasn`t cluttered with a bunch of childish toys. I play music. I wanted a digital keyboard with the key action of an acoustic and the sound of an acoustic and that is exactly what the Korg offers. Straight ahead beautiful tone. So if you want to buy a different keyboard feel free. But don`t think for a second that the Korg falls short. Its like the pixels on a television screen. At a point, the human eye can`t even really tell the difference no matter how many megapixels the screens resolution is capable of. Your ears will hear a beautiful sound which sounds exactly like a Grand Piano, organ or whatever instrument you choose because this keyboard sets the standard all others are judged by. Basically, just give it a try and see or hear for yourself.

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