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Casio WK-7500 - 76-Key Digital Workstation

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The Bottom Line

This is an excellent keyboard; a hefty contender in its price range. This would be a fantastic choice for any beginner pianist who needs a wide range of notes, but cannot afford an equally impressive instrument in 88-key form.

The quality of the voices is among the best I’ve heard from Casio. If you find a voice to be just a tad off – the case with a few of the pianos which had some minor flaws – there’s plenty of space to tweak them to your liking and store them for later use (see Voices, below). Overall, the tones were really pleasing to the ear.

The effects and recording capabilities rival those of MIDI controllers, and unlike other Casio WK models, the touch-sensitivity reaction is up to par (although I would like to have seen more than two levels of adjustment).


  • 800 built-in voices + 100 custom
  • 64-note polyphony
  • Extensive chord library in manual
  • Customizable chord progression playback
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • 250 built-in rhythms
  • SD and SDHC card compatible (up to 32GB)
  • Just under 20 lbs.


  • AC power supply not included (see Bundle Accessories, below)
  • Only two touch velocity settings
  • Recording on one track at a time
  • No sustain pedal included


  • Keys: 76
  • Polyphony: 64-note; 32 for some voices
  • Touch Sensitivity: 2 velocity settings, or off
  • Reverb/Chorus: 10 reverb settings; 5 chorus
  • Arpeggiator: 150 types
  • Metronome: Yes; 30-255 BPM
  • Available Colors: Black

Review - Casio WK-7500

Price: $450-$700 (see Bundle Package, below; great deal)

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Keys & “Action”:

I really liked the feel of these keys. The keyboard isn’t graded (when bass notes are heavier to the touch than the trebles) but that keeps the overall weight down – convenient for a stage instrument. The keys are as wide as full-size piano keys, but came up slightly shorter in length (although not enough to impact touch-sensitivity or chord-playing).

Splitting – having two different voices on either end of the manual – is supported (see “dual-layering,” below).

Transposition from -12 to +12.


The WK-7500 has 800 built-in tones, along with the ability to customize up to 100 unique voices. While this option can be found on several Casio models, this machine offers a few more ways to modify tones. In addition to the usual looping, speaker pan, and pitch effects, the 7500 adds:

  • attack, release & delay times*
  • adjustable vibrato waveforms
  • touch-sensitivity levels
  • chorus & reverb
  • timbre, modulation & harmonic effects
  • wah, rotary & flanger

Available tones include:

  • 35 Acoustic pianos; including harpsichords
  • 32 Electric pianos; including clavichords & percussive bells
  • 53 Organs; pipe, jazz, reed & more
  • 102 Guitars; treble & bass
  • 66 Strings & orchestra
  • Brass & woodwind
  • Synthesizers

… aaand more.

Dual-layering (one key sounds two tones simultaneously) is supported. Unlike other Casio WK models, if the keyboard is split, layering is supported on both sides of the split point.

* Attack time: How long your tone takes to reach its max volume
* Release time: How long until it goes back to zero volume

Pedal Fuctions:

A single-pedal unit (not included; see Accessories) can be programmed to produce the effects of the damper, sostenuto, or soft pedals; or it may be used to activate a background rhythm.

Recording & Auto-Accompaniment:

Up to 5 songs or 100 rhythms may be recorded and stored (16 tracks for songs and 8 tracks for patterns). The space allocated to user tracks is defined as about 30,000 notes. However, use of an SD card can expand this memory up to 32 gigs, and will allow you to transport the data to and from another instrument or computer for playback or further modification.

Keyboard Speakers & Quality:

The two on-board 7W bass-reflex speakers sound great. Very faint cracking at max volume for some bass horns and sound effects, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent; these speakers can easily fill a room and sound rich in the process.

Bundle Package Accessories:

A WK-7500 bundle package can be found for just under $500, and includes:

  • AC power supply adaptor

  • Piano-style sustain pedal or footswitch

  • X-style keyboard stand

  • Stereo headphones

  • Adjustable, cushioned piano bench

12V AC adaptor not always included with keyboard-only purchase; ask your retailer. Casio recommends power adapter model # AD-A12150. Keyboard may also be powered up to four hours with 6 D batteries.


○ 1/4" headphone
○ 1/4" mic IN
○ 1/8" audio IN
○ Line OUT (R, L / mono)
○ USB (cable not included)
○ SD card slot
○ 1/4" inst IN
○ Sustain pedal input, 1/4"

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