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Piano Music & Lyrics for “Silent Night”

Printable Sheet Music for ‘Silent Night/Stille Nacht’


Silent Night piano sheet music. sot/Getty Images

  • First Published: 1818; Oberndorf, Austria

  • Key: Originally published in D major

History of “Silent Night / Stille Nacht” | Lyrics & Chords

The music for the Christmas carol “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht” was originally written for guitar in 1818 by church organist and composer Franz Xaver Gruber at the request of Joseph Mohr, the new priest in Oberndorf. Mohr wished to set to music three stanzas of lyrics illustrating the ambiance of Christmas Eve he had written two years prior, so that it could be performed for the first time at Midnight Mass.

In 1859, American John Freeman Young published an English translation of the carol’s first three stanzas.

Learn “Silent Night” on Piano

This tranquil D major arrangement is set in 3/4 time, and includes a vocal score with English and German lyrics.

Choose from the following printer-friendly formats:

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