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Minor 6th Piano Chords


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F Minor 6th Piano Chords
Fmin6 chords on keyboard.

View Min6 Chord: Abm6 Am6 A#m6Bbm6 Bm6 B#m6Cbm6 Cm6 C#m6Dbm6 Dm6 D#m6Ebm6 Em6 E#m6Fbm6 Fm6 F#m6Gbm6 Gm6 G#m6

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◊ Minor 6th

  An Fmin6 is a minor triad with an added major sixth interval:  F – A♭ – C – D

◊ Minor 6th Add9

  An Fm6ADD9 is an F minor sixth chord with an added major ninth:   F – A♭ – C – D – G

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