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Diminished 7th & Half-Diminished Piano Chords


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B Diminished 7th Piano Chords
Bdim7 and Bø piano chord fingering.

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A diminished seventh chord is a diminished triad (which has a root note, a minor third, and a diminished fifth) with a seventh interval added above the root:

◊ Diminished 7th

  A Bdim7 has an added diminished seventh:  B – D – F – A♭

◊ Half-Diminished 7th

  A Bø has an added minor seventh:   B – D – F – A
  •  (also called a “minor seventh flat five”)

◊ Diminished Major 7th

  A B°M7 has a major seventh:   B – D – F – A♯

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