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4 Sneaky Sales Tricks of the Piano Trade

Know the Sales Tactics Used By Piano Sellers, and Avoid Getting Ripped-Off


Sales tactics are used in every trade, but the piano’s cost and complexity allows some people to take advantage of those not “in-the-know.” Don’t fall victim:

4 Sneaky Sales Tricks of the Piano Trade:

  1. They make saying “no” difficult. Whether it’s bonding with you over common musical interests or elaborating on their latest financial woes, some piano sellers try to make it increasingly uncomfortable for you to walk away from a sale. Never sacrifice your preferences; you’ll be stuck with your choice, especially if you buy from a private seller.

  2. They make the piano inaccessible in some way. If a seller doesn’t want you to fully inspect a piano, they’ll make it hard to do so. Some blame a coat of wet polish; others place heavy objects on the piano lid so you’ll be less inclined to look inside. If you can’t play and inspect a piano before you buy it, don’t.

  3. They pressure you with time limits. Salespeople thrive on your eager desperation, but giving yourself plenty of time to shop around and sample many different piano brands and styles can shield you from their influences. Don’t let anyone rush your decision by threatening to take away a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

  4. They flash irrelevant credentials. While associate membership of the Piano Technicians Guild should be considered honorable (and professionally kinetic in the piano tech field), no professional knowledge needs to be proven to obtain it. If a salesperson in a piano showroom advertises their associate status in the Guild, ask them if they’re planning a future in piano tuning or repair; the Piano Technicians Guild has nothing to do with the sales floor. (Learn what it takes to be a registered member of the PTG.)

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