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Piano & Keyboard Buying Advice

The thought of purchasing a piano or keyboard can be daunting. Sort out your options with insider tips, expert reviews, and helpful instrument comparisons.
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How To Buy a Piano or Keyboard
Learn what to consider when searching for a keyboard instrument. Compare acoustic vs. electric; new vs. used; grand vs. upright, and more.

Choosing Acoustic vs. Electric Pianos
Crucial info to help you decide whether an acoustic or digital piano is best for you.

How to Buy a Used Piano
Learn the crucial questions you must ask before you consider a used or refurbished piano.

10 Tips for Buying an Acoustic Piano
Use these tips when shopping for a new or used acoustic piano.

How to Shop for an Electric Keyboard
Get a breakdown of your options, and bring home an electric piano with the right features for your playing style.

Musical Keyboard Feature Comparison Guide
Quick guide for comparing all of the current keyboard reviews - sort by price, rating, or number of keys.

Used Piano Pros & Cons
Before investing in a used piano, weigh the pros & cons.

New Piano Pros & Cons
Wondering if a brand new piano is the safest choice? Learn about costs, warranties, and how to deal with salespeople.

4 Sneaky Sales Tricks of the Piano Trade
Because of the piano's cost and complexity, some dishonest people can take advantage of those not "in-the-know." Learn how to avoid getting ripped-off.

Find the Current Value of a Piano
Whether you're buying or selling, if you know where & how to look, you can get a pretty good estimate on your own.

How to Inspect a Piano for Damage
If you're buying a used piano - or you're looking to gauge the health of your own - you'll want to look out for certain problems. Learn common and easy-to-spot signs of piano damage.

Upright vs. Grand: Which Piano Is Best?
Compare the differences in voice, price, life span, and size among horizontal and vertical pianos.

The Difference Between Grand & Baby Grand Pianos
Learn about the differences between grand and baby grand pianos.

Are Portable Keyboards & Digital Pianos The Same Thing?
Read on to find out once and for all.

Is Your Piano Tuner Professionally Certified?
Does it matter, and should you worry?

Find Qualified Piano Tuners & Techs
Worldwide list of professional piano tuning guilds and organizations.

Have Your Dream Piano Custom Made
LangloisPiano.com: Langlois Pianos offers superb options for making your dream piano a reality. Choose your base model, then add your own special touches with fine wood detailing, special finishes, and custom voicing.

Find Pre-Owned & Refurbished Pianos Near You
PianoWorld.com: Consult a large database of pre-owned and restored pianos. Search by price, location, or piano brand.

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