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What Is a Registered Piano Technician?


Question: What Is a Registered Piano Technician?
What are the qualifications of an RPT?

Answer: A Registered Piano Technician (or RPT) is a technician or tuner who has passed a series of tests administered by the Piano Technicians Guild. RPTs are tested on the following:
  1. Overall Knowledge: While RPTs are not required to play the piano, they must have an intimate understanding of its mechanics. Potential RPTs have to assemble and disassemble the piano action (the internal moving parts), and pass a written exam.

  2. Maintenance and Repairs: RPTs must be able to carry out routine and specialized maintenance work like regulation, voicing, and string repair.

  3. Piano Tuning Abilities: Technicians are tested on standard tuning methods, as well as specialized tunings like pitch-raising and double-tuning. They will have generally performed about 1000 tunings before passing the PTG’s exam.

  4. Musical Ear: A potential tech must demonstrate the ability to tune a piano without the use of an electric tuner.

Possessing these skills ensures that RPTs are able to confront the most common piano problems. However, RPTs may choose to specialize in either tuning or repair; feel free to confirm a potential hire’s field of expertise to make sure they’ll be able to suit your specific needs.

Associate Members of the Piano Technicians Guild

Associate membership of the PTG is open to anyone – for a fee – regardless of whether RPT status is their ultimate goal.

It’s important to note that while Associate members are allowed to advertise their association with the PTG, they have not completed the three exams required for registration. To learn more, read What If My Tuner Isn’t Certified?

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