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Notes with staccato marks.

A staccato mark is placed above or below a note, depending on its position on the staff.

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Definition: Staccato, which means “detached,” is an indication to make notes brief; to detach notes from one another so that they do not touch or overlap. This effect on articulation contrasts the legato.

Staccato is marked in music with a small black dot placed above or below a note (not to its side like a dotted note).

See staccatissimo.

Also Known As:
  • détaché; piqué (Fr)
  • kurz; abgehackt; abgestossen (Ger)

Pronunciation: stuh-kah'-doh (U.S.), stah-kah'-ttoh
Common Misspellings: stacatto, staccata, stacato

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