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Dampers - Musical Terms - Meaning of Piano Dampers - About.com
Piano dampers are located inside a piano, and the damper pedal allows you to change the way your piano sounds. Learn what ... More Technical Piano Terms:.
Manual - Musical Terms - Keyboards and Manuals - Piano - About.com
A piano "keyboard" may be called just that, but harpsichord and organ keyboards ... Technology ... Piano Keyboard Quiz · Time Signature & Measure Quiz · Learn the Notes of the Piano Keyboard · Musical Symbols - Sh...
Upbeat - Musical Terms Glossary Definition - Piano - About.com
... but it is always implied. Learn the meaning of upbeat, and see how it affects piano music. ... Technology · iPad · iPhone/iPod · PC ... More Tempo Terminology :.
Rhythm Definition - Musical Rhythm - Musical Terms
Rhythm is a musical term that is almost interchangable with tempo, but can be comprised of more than just a beat. Learn more about musical rhythm, and the ...
Smorzando Definition - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Learn the definition of the Italian musical term smorzando (smorz) and its relation to the piano musical world.
Octave - Definition of Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
An octave is a large musical interval that separates two of the same notes. ... and learn multilingual synonyms and abbreviations for the musical term octave.
Musical Terms: The Meanings of Tone - Piano - About.com
The musical term. ... Piano Essentials. Young man practicing piano, rear view - Emily Shur/The Image Bank/Getty. Is Your Piano Worth Anything? How to Start ...
Harmony - Definition in Musical Terms & Piano
Harmony is what occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time. Learn more about harmony, melody, and musical texture, and see how they're ...
Rolled Chord - Musical Terms - Meaning of Rolled Chord - Piano
... Italian synonym. Learn the meaning of a rolled chord, and see how it's written in piano music. ... Technology · iPad · iPhone/iPod · PC ... View All Terms A - Z ...
Texture - Musical Terms - Meaning of Musical Texture - Piano
Musical texture is a way to describe the complexity of a musical composition. Texture can be described ... Technology · iPad · iPhone/iPod ... Texture can be simple or elaborate, and is described with the following terms: Monophonic: ...
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