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Manual - Musical Terms - Keyboards and Manuals - Piano - About.com
A manual is the keyboard of an instrument. A piano. ... Which Instrument Is... See More About: piano parts · technical piano terms · piano keyboard. By Category.
Dampers - Musical Terms - Meaning of Piano Dampers - About.com
Piano dampers are located inside a piano, and the damper pedal allows you to change the way your piano sounds. Learn what ... More Technical Piano Terms:.
Upbeat - Musical Terms Glossary Definition - Piano - About.com
An upbeat is a passive yet important aspect of rhythm. The upbeat is not always heard, but it is always implied. Learn the meaning of upbeat, and see how it ...
Rhythm Definition - Musical Rhythm - Musical Terms
Rhythm is a musical term that is almost interchangable with tempo, but can be ... Technology ... Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols.
Register - Musical Terms - What Is Musical Register
Musical register has a few meanings. Generally ... Definition: Musical register may be: The general pitch that an ... technical piano terms · octaves · tone & timbre.
Bridge (Musical Term) - Piano - About.com
A bridge is a building block of a musical composition. Learn the purpose of a musical bridge, as well as common synonyms. ... See More About: beginner piano terms · composing music · piano parts · technical piano terms. By Cate...
Smorzando Definition - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Learn the definition of the Italian musical term smorzando (smorz) and its relation ... Technology ... Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols.
Choir of Strings - Musical Terms - String Sets and Choirs - Piano
Free Piano Newsletter! ... technical piano terms · piano strings ... of Musical Terms · Musical Terms - C; Choir of Strings - Musical Terms - String Sets and Choirs.
Off-Beat - Musical Terms - Meaning of Off-Beat - Piano - About.com
The musical term. ... and Garden Design. Free Piano Newsletter! Sign Up. You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information.
String Decay - Musical Terms - What Is String Decay
Harpsichords have more decay than the piano, while some keyboard instruments -- such as the ... piano strings · technical piano terms · tone & timbre.
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