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Manual - Musical Terms - Keyboards and Manuals - Piano - About.com
A piano “keyboard” may be called just that, but harpsichord and organ keyboards are most commonly referred to as manuals. Both the harpsichord and organ ...
Dampers - Musical Terms - Meaning of Piano Dampers - About.com
Piano dampers are located inside a piano, and the damper pedal allows you to change the way your piano sounds. Learn what ... More Technical Piano Terms:.
Upbeat - Musical Terms Glossary Definition - Piano - About.com
... yet important aspect of rhythm. The upbeat is not always heard, but it is always implied. Learn the meaning of upbeat, and see how it affects piano music.
Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols - Piano
Some musical commands are abbreviated in sheet music (like 'sfz' and 'fff') -- learn the essential musical symbols and terms written in piano music, with clear ...
Rhythm Definition - Musical Rhythm - Musical Terms - Piano - About ...
Rhythm is a musical term that is almost interchangable with tempo, but can be comprised of more than just a beat. Learn more about musical rhythm, and the ...
Rolled Chord - Musical Terms - Meaning of Rolled Chord - Piano
A rolled chord is a type of broken chord, and has a popular Italian synonym. Learn the meaning of a rolled chord, and see how it's written in piano music.
Scientific Pitch Notation - Piano - About.com
View a complete piano keyboard labeled with scientific pitch notation and key frequencies, and learn the ... piano keyboard · technical piano terms · piano notes  ...
Jazz Technical Terms - About.com
A list of technical terms about jazz. ... 8 Essential Jazz Piano Albums ... 14 Articles in: Glossary of Jazz Technical Terms - Jazz Technical Term Definitions ...
MIDI Pitch Notation - Piano - About.com
View a full piano keyboard labeled with MIDI note numbers and piano key frequencies. MIDI pitch notation ... More About. technical piano terms · piano keyboard ...
Helmholtz Pitch Notation - Piano - About.com
View a full piano keyboard with Helmholtz pitch labeling, and learn the different formats in which Helmholtz may ... technical piano terms · german musical terms.
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