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Parts of the Piano - About.com
The piano is a mechanical wonder, made from hundreds of fragile and meticulously-placed bits. Learn about the parts of the piano - inside and out - with clear ...
Parts of the Piano - About.com
The piano's exterior has quite a few parts, but the inside of a piano contains hundreds of fragile pieces that work together to create sound. Learn about the parts ...
Piano Action - Parts of the Piano Action
... against a string. The piano action is made up of numerous individual pieces – some very small and delicate. Learn more about the parts of a piano action.
Soundboard - Parts of the Piano - The Piano Soundboard - About.com
The piano soundboard is the large wooden board located under the strings of a ... piano soundboard, strings, and bridges, and get to know more parts of the piano.
Hammer - Parts of the Piano - Piano Hammers - About.com
The hammer is part of the piano action, and strikes a string when a key is depressed. The "strike-point" is the area of the piano string where the hammer strikes.
Piano Lid - Parts of the Piano - Piano Lid - About.com
The piano lid is on top of both horizontal and vertical instruments, and may be ... acts as a dust cover over the keyboard; continue to learn more parts of the piano.
Piano Lesson Book - Part Four - Beginner Piano Lesson Book
Free, printable piano lessons for the beginner and beyond: Learn how to sight- read piano music and practice the various techniques used to successfully master ...
Musical Volume and Dynamics in Piano Music: Part 2 - About.com
Dynamics mark the relative changes in intensity, and do not express precise decibel levels; a song in mezzo-piano played by two different pianists may sound  ...
The Grand Staff & Clefs - Illustrated Sheet Music Tour - Piano
The grand staff is the two-part piano staff used to accommodate the piano's wide ... Young man practicing piano, rear view - Emily Shur/The Image Bank/Getty.
Slideshow - Sheet Music - Staff and Bar Lines - About.com
Young man practicing piano, rear view - Emily Shur/The Image Bank/Getty .... Lessons · Beginner Musical Symbols; Illustrated Tour of Sheet Music: Part One.
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