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Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols - Piano
Some musical commands are abbreviated in sheet music (like 'sfz' and 'fff') -- learn the essential musical symbols and terms written in piano music, with clear ...
Crescendo - Italian Musical Terms - Definition - Piano - About.com
The Italian musical term crescendo (abbreviated cresc.) is an indication to gradually increase the volume of a song until otherwise noted.
Glossary of Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols · Girl's hands playing piano : Stock ... 9 Subcategories in Music Glossaries - A-Z Musical Terms.
8vb - Musical Terms & Symbols - What Does 8vb Mean - Piano
The musical symbol 8vb (an abbreviation of ottava bassa, or “low octave”) is an indication to play notes an octave lower than written on the staff. 8vb eases the ...
8va - Musical Terms & Symbols - What Does 8va Mean - Piano
The musical command 8va - an abbreviation of the Italian 'ottava' (octave) - is an indication to play an octave higher than written. Learn more about 8va, 8vb ...
15ma - Italian Musical Terms - Meaning of Quindicesima - Piano
The musical symbol 15ma (Italian for "quindicesima") is an indication to play two octaves higher than written. Learn more about 15ma, 8va & other octave ...
Pianissimo (Pp) - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Pianissimo is abbreviated pp. Because dynamics deal with relative changes in volume rather than exact decibel levels, pianissimo is best described as very soft  ...
Main Droite (MD) - French Musical Terms - Meaning of Main Droite
Main droite (seen as MD in French piano music) indicates that a section should be played with the right hand, and can be seen on the treble or bass staff.
Sharp - Musical Terms and Symbols - Learn About Sharps - Piano
A sharp (♯, but also # in type) is a musical symbol that modifies the pitch of a note by the smallest Western interval: a half step. Learn more about sharps, flats,  ...
Ritardando (rit.) - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The musical term Ritardando. ... The abbreviation rit. is sometimes used for ritenuto; ritenuto is often abbreviated to riten. to avoid confusion. Also Known As:.
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