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Minor Scale - Musical Term Meaning - Piano - About.com
A minor scale is a series of notes with a sad, somber character (exaggerated when heard back-to-back with a major scale). A minor scale begins on the sixth ...
Minor Chord - Musical Terms - Learn About Minor Chords - Piano
Minor chords are best known for a somber, melancholy mood. Learn more about minor chords -- the difference between minor and major chords, and how to ...
Learn Major and Minor Piano Scales - About.com
... scales are built similarly, but have a few distinct characteristics. Learn how major and minor scales are formed, and play common major and minor piano scales.
Minor Scales - the Three Types, and How to Form Them
Explanation on minor scales and how to form them.
Bass Scales - Minor Scale - Guitar - About.com
An overview of the minor scale for the bass, an important bass scale. Learn how to play a minor scale on the bass. Examine the bass fingering patterns for a ...
Major 7th and Minor 7th on Music Sheets
Defines what are major and minor 7ths and how they are formed.
How To Form Minor Triads On A Keyboard - Music Education
How to form minor triads or minor chords on a keyboard.
Harmonic Minor Scale Explored - First Position of the Harmonic Minor
Learning the fingering to the basic harmonic minor shape might be tricky at first, if you're used to the simpler shape of the blues scale. The key is to use your ...
Diatonic Chords in a Minor Key - Guitar - About.com
An in depth article on how to write better chord progressions in minor keys. Lots of great info here for songwriters of all levels.
How Important Is a College Minor? - College Life - About.com
Much is made of having a minor (or two or three) during your time in school. But how important is a college minor once you graduate?
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