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Music Note-Length Quiz

Identify the Various Note Values in U.K. English

Use the following resources to prepare you for this quiz:

              Take This Quiz in American English

  Beginner Piano Lessons
• Music Rest Lengths
• Layout of the Black Piano Keys
• Accidentals & Double-Accidentals
• How to Sit at the Piano
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• Identify the Notes of the Piano
• Treble Staff Note Quiz
• Test Yourself on the Key Signatures
• Take the Tempo Command Quiz
  How to Read Piano Music
• Musical Symbols of Piano Notation
• Piano Scales for the Absolute Beginner
• Chord Types & Their Abbreviations
• How to Read Repeat Signs
  Buying a Keyboard Instrument
• Learning Piano vs. Keyboard
• How to Shop for a Musical Keyboard
• How to Buy a Used Piano
• 6 Easy-to-Spot Signs of Piano Damage

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